Medicaid Questions 

Families are receiving letters from the Ohio Department of Medicaid because it's open enrollment time. People on Medicaid need to choose a managed care plan unless they are on a DD waiver.
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  Work/Day Habilitation
After the age of 22, individuals with developmental disabilities rely on Stark DD to provide assistance, life-long learning and activities that add to the quality of life for individuals of all abilities. Habilitation services for adults provide training and support in vocational skills and opportunity, self-care, behavior supports, communication and socialization skills.

Work might include contract production, shipping and receiving, janitorial and specialties like ceramics, wood products, crafts and hand-sewn products. These individuals may be employees of The Workshops, Inc.

Supported Employment
Supported Employment assists an individual in finding a job in the community and provides important supports, such as job coaching and counseling, to help that person be successful on the job and more independent.

The minimum age for enrollment is sixteen, but individuals typically join the program at eighteen years or older.

Community Enclaves
In some cases, individuals may be employed in work enclaves. These are groups of individuals who work in a community setting under the direction of a supervisor who is employed by Stark DD. Enclaves can be either a mobile unit or a single setting. One hundred fifty eight individuals are employed in these enclaves and work at jobs such as janitorial, recycling, grounds keeping and assembly/production.

Download a complete pamphlet on Stark DD Adult Services here.