Stark DD promotes integrated environments, with services for people with disabilities taking place in natural, community environments when possible.

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  How You Can Help Stark DD

Support the employment goals of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Good people are easy to find if you know where to look...Learn what more than 100 northeast Ohio area employers have learned. Work with the County of Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities Board to find good, reliable employees.

Employers can learn more about the benefits of employing people with disabilities or begin the process of hiring a person with a disability by contacting Ryan Heckert, Chief Executive Officer, The Workshops, Inc. 330-479-3958

Involve individuals with developmental disabilities in your volunteer efforts.

Volunteers are the strength of our community, making a positive impact on the daily lives of others. Just like you, individuals with disabilities also enjoy helping others, and we are looking for more opportunities to give back to our communities. 

Learn more about developmental disability supports and services in your community.

If you have a group that would like to learn more about the network of community services assisting those with developmental disabilities and their families, we would be happy to provide an information session. For availability, call Lisa Parramore, Communications Manager at 330-479-3934.