The Gold Star Standards

  1. Regulatory Compliance:
    No suspension of certification in the past 6 years.
  2. Customer Satisfaction Survey:
    Conducts surveys and has a reference.
  3. Passport Training Participant:
    Participates in the Passport Training initiative
  4. Stark DD Provider Meeting Attendance:
    Attends at least 8 of 10 meetings per year.
  5. Organizational Structure Stability:
    Provides documentation showing the ability to maintain long term service to the individuals they serve.
  6. Employee Retention and Recruitment:
    Participates in the staff retention and recruitment committee initiative in Stark County or has a procedure to retain and recruit quality staff.
  7. Positive Community Culture and Innovation:
    Demonstrates a positive culture and strides towards innovation in the industry.
  8. Incidents that Adversely Affect Health and Safety:
    Demonstrates good standing with MUI/UI preventative measures, maintaining MUI/UI logs, has a consistent policy for working MUI/UI occurrences to assure health and welfare.
  9. Safe and Informative Individual Service Transfers:
    Assures safe and informative transfers of individual services from one provider to another.

Quality Initiative Committee Charter

Committee Mission

The Mission of the Quality Initiative Committee is to determine that applicable providers have met agreed upon Gold Star Standards.  These standards are above minimum compliance and correlate to quality services delivered to individuals with developmental disabilities in Stark County.  Committee members also deliver suggestions, networking and peer mentoring to other community providers to promote and enhance the quality of the service delivery system.

Committee Members

To include but not be limited to SSA and Investigative Services Director, Investigative Services Supervisor, Provider Compliance and Technical Support Supervisor, Compliance Reviewer, one SSA, one family member/guardian of an individual receiving waiver services, one self-advocate receiving waiver services, and the current providers that have met Gold Star Standards.

Committee Member Expectations

Members are expected to attend monthly meetings and provide subjective input onto the applications of providers interested in Gold Star Standard designation.  Members are expected to provide suggestions and mentoring to applicants to help improve the quality of the service delivery system.  Members are to maintain confidentiality of provider applicants, discussions, and approval or denial of standard designation.

Committees Expected Outcomes and Tracking Mechanism

  1. Increase family/guardian and individual satisfaction with services (National Core Indicators data)
  2. Improvement of provider direct support staff retention (provider annual turnover rate)
  3. Provider reduction in annual training cost (direct report from providers)
  4. Improve the quality of the service delivery system in Stark County through improved provider relations, increases in offered provider technical support, and collaboration amongst providers, families, individuals receiving services and the county board.

Providers That Have Met the Gold Star Standards

  • Blick Center
  • First Christian Church
  • Life Bridge Services
  • United Partners in Care, LLC
  • X-Excel


Please check each box to show that you have met each standard, then attach documentation showing how the standard has been met. Regulatory compliance, customer satisfaction survey, passport training, Stark DD provider meeting attendance, Employee Retention and Recruitment participation, and Incidents adversely affecting health and safety standards will be verified through documentation by the Stark DD provider compliance unit.

Once confirmed those standards have been met, a committee of current gold star standard providers and county board staff will review the application with the applicant in order to approve or ask for additional information. This will give the applicant the opportunity to ask questions and receive peer guidance from providers that already meet the gold star standard. This committee is called the Quality Initiative Committee.

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