2017 Annual Plan Overview

The Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities is honored to present our 2017 Annual Plan. We are pleased to announce that we are serving over 3,900 people with disabilities, more than we have ever served before.

We enrolled more people on home and community based services waivers this year than we have in the past five years. This was made possible by the financial support of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities initiative to ensure as many people as possible live in the community. We also served more infants and toddlers (0-3 years old) than we ever have in our history. Nearly 500 families benefitted from the early intervention services we provided.

We supported families in their home as we taught parents skills to promote the independence of their infants and toddlers who are experiencing delays. We continue to deliver pre-school and school age services through the education we provide. We are equipping our students, now more than ever, to return to their school districts.

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