Find links to the Policies & Procedures of the Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

4 Human Resources
Policy 4.01 Identification Badges
Policy 4.02 Retire- Rehire
Policy 4.03 Health Examinations
Policy 4.04 Background Checks on Employees
Policy 4.05 Volunteers, Interns and Practicum Students
Policy 4.06 Learning Management System Training
Policy 4.07 Job Descriptions
Policy 4.08 Outside Employment
Policy 4.09 Employee Reasonable Accommodation
Policy 4.10 Performance Evaluations
Policy 4.11 Program Discipline and Corrective Action
Policy 4.11 Standard Guidelines for Progressive Discipline
Policy 4.12 Personal Days
Policy 4.13 Anti-Bullying Policy
Policy 4.14 Layoff of Management Employees
Policy 4.15 Attendance, Tardiness and Sick Leave
Policy 4.16 Work Week and Status
Policy 4.17 Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy Statement
Policy 4.18 Resolving Discrimination Complaints
Policy 4.19 Use of Social Media
Policy 4.20 Full Time – Part Time – Casual- Substitute Employees
Policy 4.22 Policy Against Harassment
Policy 4.23 Resignation
Policy 4.24 Delays, Early Dismissals, and Closing Announcements
Policy 4.25 Professional Meeting and Conference Absence
Policy 4.26 Vacation
Policy 4.27 Leaves of Absence
Policy 4.28 Military Leave
Policy 4.29 Family Medical Leave
Policy 4.30 Disability Separation
Policy 4.31 Political Activities
Policy 4.33 Access, Duplication and Dissemination of Personnel Records
Policy 4.34 Collective Bargaining
Policy 4.35 Jury Duty, Court Appearance, Subpoenas, Search Warrants, Investigations, and Other Legal Actions
Policy 4.37 Personnel Records
Policy 4.39 Drug-Free Workplace
Policy 4.40 Payroll
Policy 4.41 Compensatory Time
Policy 4.42 Visitors
Policy 4.45 Work Related Injuries
Policy 4.46 Employee Benefits
Policy 4.47 Holidays
Policy 4.48 Employee Property Reimbursement
Policy 4.49 Dress Code
Policy 4.50 Cell Phones, Smart Phones, Tablets and Personal Devices
Policy 4.51 Employee Conflict of Interest
Policy 4.52 Tuition Reimbursement
Policy 4.53 Criminal Offense
Policy 4.54 Nepotism
Policy 4.55 Certification, Licensure, Registration and Permits
Policy 4.56 Table of Organization
Policy 4.57 Salary Administration
Policy 4.58 Fitness for Duty
Policy 4.59 Administrative Leave
Policy 4.60 Exit Interview
Policy 4.61 Summary of Benefits and Coverage

HIPAA Procedures
HIPAA Procedure 1 Records – Files Transport and Storage
HIPAA Procedure 2 HIPAA PO, SO, CC Duties
HIPAA Procedure 3 Staff Training HIPAA
HIPAA Procedure 4 HIPAA In-Office Communication
HIPAA Procedure 5 HIPAA Privacy Notice
HIPAA Procedure 6 The Right of Individuals Served-Request on PHI
HIPAA Procedure 7 HIPAA Alternative Communications
HIPAA Procedure 8 HIPAA Request for Access
HIPAA Procedure 9 HIPAA Denial of Access
HIPAA Procedure 10 HIPAA Request for Amendment to Records
HIPAA Procedure 11 HIPAA Request for an Accounting of Disclosures
HIPAA Procedure 12 HIPAA Accounting Log
HIPAA Procedure 13 Complaints of Violation HIPAA Privacy Rights
HIPAA Procedure 14 HIPAA Minimum Necessary Standard
HIPAA Procedure 15 HIPAA Internal Uses,Routine Uses and Disclosures of PHI
HIPAA Procedure 16 HIPAA Non-Routine Uses and disclosures to Staff and Associates
HIPAA Procedure 17 HIPAA Incidental Disclosures
HIPAA Procedure 18 HIPAA Authorization to Release PHI to Third Parties
HIPAA Procedure 19 HIPAA Revocation of an Authorization to Release
HIPAA Procedure 20 HIPAA Disclosure of PHI on a Non-Board Release Form
HIPAA Procedure 21 HIPAA Use and Disclosure of PHI for Permitted Purposes
HIPAA Procedure 22 HIPAA Limited Data Sets
HIPAA Procedure 23 HIPAA Use-Disclosure of PHI for Research
HIPAA Procedure 24 HIPAA Individual Planning Meetings
HIPAA Procedure 25 HIPAA Board Committee Members Utilizing Non-Staff Individuals
HIPAA Procedure 26 HIPAA Designation of Business Associates
HIPAA Procedure 27 HIPAA Fax Cover Sheet
HIPAA Procedure 28 HIPAA Compliance Forms

Transportation Procedures
Transportation Procedure 01 Drivers Physical and Abstract Transportation
Transportation Procedure 02 Bus Driver-Rider Training
Transportation Procedure 03 Bus-Van Driver and Rider First Aid-CPR
Transportation Procedure 04 Smoking, Eating on Board Vehicle
Transportation Procedure 05 Time Clock-Tardiness
Transportation Procedure 06 Driver Qualifications
Transportation Procedure 07 Driver-Rider Responsibilities
Transportation Procedure 08 Vehicle Daily Inspection-Mechanical failure
Transportation Procedure 09 Evacuation Plan
Transportation Procedure 010 Bus-Van Breakdown Time
Transportation Procedure 011 Reporting off work
Transportation Procedure 013 Valid Driver’s License
Transportation Procedure 014 Use of Alcohol and Drugs
Transportation Procedure 015 Post Accident Testing for Alcohol and Controlled Substance
Transportation Procedure 016 No One Home
Transportation Procedure 018 Mail, Bulletin Boards and Phones at the Bus Garage
Transportation Procedure 019 Non-Routine Bus Trips, Field Trips, and Extra Runs
Transportation Procedure 020 Improper Operation of Vehicle and Speed Limit on Board Property
Transportation Procedure 021 Routing To and From BG
Transportation Procedure 023 Seat Belts-Personal Space
Transportation Procedure 024 2-way radios-cell phones
Transportation Procedure 025 Emergency Equipment
Transportation Procedure 026 Emergency Forms
Transportation Procedure 027 Student-Individual Behaviors on Bus
Transportation Procedure 028 Requirements for Transportation of School Students in Non-School Bus Vehicles
Transportation Procedure 029 Authorized-Unauthorized people
Transportation Procedure 030 Forbidden Cargo
Transportation Procedure 031 Checking Bus-Van at End of Bus Trip
Transportation Procedure 032 Student-Individual Call Offs
Transportation Procedure 033 Wheelchair Securement
Transportation Procedure 034 Procedure for Completing Bus Attendance Sheets
Transportation Procedure 035 Transportation of Medication
Transportation Procedure 036 Vehicle Cleanliness
Transportation Procedure 037 Vehicle-Traffic Accidents
Transportation Procedure 038 Disability of Driver during Route
Transportation Procedure 039 Dangerous-Threatening Situations- MRDD1
Transportation Procedure 040 Tornado Sightings-Warnings
Transportation Procedure 041 Passenger Safety
Transportation Procedure 042 Inclement Weather and Emergency Closings
Transportation Procedure 043 Transportation Department Building Rules
Transportation Procedure 044 Confidentiality
Transportation Procedure 046 Random Alcohol testing
Transportation Procedure 047 Reasonable Suspicion Testing-Alcohol and Controlled Substances
Transportation Procedure 048 Eating and Drinking and Passing out Treats during Transport
Transportation Procedure 049 Designated Place of Safety – POS
Transportation Procedure 050 Unauthorized Stops
Transportation Procedure 051 Route Schedules
Transportation Procedure 052 Route Travel Time
Transportation Procedure 053 Vehicle Engine Idling
Transportation Procedures Index