Investigating Major Unusual Incidents

The Investigative Services Unit of the Stark County Board of DD is responsible for the investigation of all MUIs, and the development of prevention plans to reduce the likelihood that similar incidents will occur. A Major Unusual Incident (MUI) is any alleged, suspected, or actual incident that adversely affects the health, safety, or welfare of an individual with a developmental disability.

All providers who are contracted, certified, or licensed to serve persons with Developmental Disabilities are required to report MUIs, as well as all SCBDD staff. MUIs should be reported immediately, but no later than 4 hours after becoming aware of the incident.

MUIs can be reported to Stark DD by staff, individuals with disabilities, families, providers, or the general public a variety of ways, including by phone, email, or the after-hours emergency hotline.

Report Incidents to the MUI Hotline