Stark DD offers preschool services for children ages 3 to 5 years old to learn together and from one another.

Our Preschool program serves children from all 17 school districts in Stark County. This well-rounded early childhood education curriculum follows the Ohio Learning Content Standards, which govern every licensed preschool in Ohio. Stark DD Preschool programs are licensed by the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Early Learning and School Readiness.

The Preschool Approach

Children with developmental disabilities ages 3-5

Stark DD preschool programs offer a full day program Monday through Thursday. Classes are held at either Eastgate Early Childhood & Family Center or at satellite locations within local school district buildings. Satellite classes are staffed by Stark DD educators and professionals. Up to 8 children with special needs are enrolled in each preschool classroom along with up to 6 typically developing peers, with no more than a total of 12 students per room..

Preschool services available at all sites include:

  • Specially Designed Instruction in a preschool classroom setting (maximum class size of 12 preschoolers)
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech/Language Therapy
  • Nursing Services
  • Behavior Support Services
  • Transportation

All services are provided by licensed and highly qualified professional staff.

Specialized Preschool Services

Autism Services

Eastgate Early Childhood & Family Center offers specialized preschool curriculum for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or related diagnoses. Applied Behavior Analysis principles provide the framework for individualized instruction including developmental assessment, program development, ongoing program monitoring and evaluation.

Multiple Disabilities Services

This is a program where preschool students who have significant cognitive, physical and/or medical needs, work on independence, self-help and academic readiness skills in preparation for kindergarten.

Typical Peer Program

Up to 6 children who are considered typically developing are enrolled in each preschool classroom. These children serve as role models for language development and social skills. Each typical peer who is at least 4 years of age receives individualized tutoring on academic readiness skills in preparation for kindergarten.

Preschool Resources